March 2012 : On-Site Nitrogen Gas Generator for Plastic Moulding

A Prominent and Established Precision and Micro-moulding plastic supplier in Singapore with over 20 years of niche experience in Plastic Tooling Design and Precision Injection Moulding for a vast range of products. This company is fully equipped with the technology and capabilities to take on and produce high quality plastic products for the Optics/Photonics, Health Care, Computer, Electronics and Military Industries.

Over the past few years, the company has been experimenting with the use of nitrogen gas to purge or remove 'unwanted' oxygen out from their plastic moulding process in order to improve the product quality of the Optics/Photonics plastic parts from Oxidation and Dis-colourisation. The end results they achieve exceed their expectation and most importantly, helps to improve their product quality! Reflecting on the success of the trial unit, the company turn to INMATEC Gas Generator to supply them with a bigger Nitrogen Generator system which could produce the nitrogen sufficient gas requirement to support up to 10 of their moulding machines at any point in time.

Mr Lim, Project Engineer commenting after the successful start up and commissioning of the INMATEC Generator - "With the introduction of the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas Generator, our product quality has improved tremendously and part reject rates have reduced significantly. Moving forth we are able to increase our production capacity to meet the demands of our valued customers!"